After teaching thousands of student’s worldwide since 2007, I am offering the Certified Spiritual Teacher Training Class for the first time in an at-home, downloadable format. This very intensive, information-packed class will teach you all of the necessary aspects of starting your own spiritual teaching career. 

This downloadable video class is the equivalent of a 3-day in person class so there is plenty of instruction/practice contained in the videos.

In this class I will teach you how to create, plan and lead your very own Spiritual Certification classes. I will work with you in great detail to show you not only show what I teach, but why, and what the underlying principals of each lesson are. This class will offer an immaculately detailed insight into the core dynamics of teaching and give very practical, up-to-date information on what to expect and how to handle potential teaching scenarios. 

I will give you a forensic insight into my curriculum and class planning methods; I will also share with you the many lessons I have had to learn during the last decade of teaching globally. I have taught Angel classes in over 25 countries and I am very excited to share with you all that I have learned about international teaching/speaking.

This illuminating, educational and hands-on experience will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what teaching is really like. 

I will share with you in-depth information on how to:

- Work with co-producers in different cities/countries

-Principals of teaching; how to present your material in a linear and comprehensive manner

- Be comfortable in front of an audience; how to present your material in a charismatic and professional way

-Solve potential class/logistical issues; what to expect and how to deal with the unforeseen

-Produce your own events; how to find a venue, negotiate the contracts, take payments, stay organized and set up the room for class

-Advertise; ways of getting your name out there and reaching your target audience

-Work with students to create and maintain a positive experience

  1. -Teaching methods; how to teach publicly, privately or online

This class will give you the exact information I learned before I started teaching in 2007, as well as all I have learned and experienced since then. With the knowledge and insights you’ll obtain in this class, you’ll have all the tools necessary to begin an exciting and rewarding career as a Spiritual Teacher!

Each graduate of this class will receive a personalized, downloadable, signed Certified Spiritual Teacher certificate.

Price: $244


Spiritual Teacher Training

At-Home Certification Program