Name:Ajay Karki

Angel Therapy Practitioner

Angel Intuitive


Archangel Life Coach

Usui Reiki Master

Tibetan Usui Reiki Master


Services:"Each of us are born with a divine purpose and the power to bring it into our lives",it is this very mission that I aspire to help my soul tribe members with, using my role as a intuitive counsellor, healing facilitator and spiritual life coach.

Working closely with the Angelic realms and  combining my academic background and training in  psychology, psychotherapy and traditional arts with my experiential training and understating of energy  healing, spirit work, human consciousness I help my clients to understand and embrace the empowered state the Angels and their Ancestors have envisioned for them,through:

~Angel Guidance and Healing.

~Clairvoyant Reading and Healing.

~Aura and Chakra Reading and Healing.

~Tarot and Astrological Counselling.

~Hypnotherapy Sessions.

~Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions.

~Energy Healing Facilitation.

~Spiritual Cleansing for People,Homes,                

 and Lands.

~Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval.

~Custom and Traditional Spells,Rituals,

 Charms and Remedies.

all services are held in framework of counseling, in person and distant.