Mediumship Certification Class

-At Home-

**Introducing our new pricing structure for online classes. We now offer the ability to split your payment in two - allowing you to purchase and take the class for half price, and you would only be asked to pay the second half if you decide to apply for certification. This allows you a very affordable way to learn the material. There is no time limit or expiration date for taking the class or applying for certification, so you can rest easy knowing that divine timing is on your side. Please see the ‘Buy Now’ buttons above and below this class description.

In this brand new At-Home format, the Mediumship Class contains approximately 30% more material, meditations and lessons than was ever possible in the traditional, in-person format. Time constraints, travel costs, hotel stays are now a thing of the past. This At-Home course will allow you to explore the material at your own pace and in your own home! You will now be able to re-reference this class any time you wish!

Angelic Mediumship Certification Class

Believe it or not, everyone has the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, and this 2-day certification class taught by Charles Virtue will help you to hone your natural gift of Mediumship using the loving guidance of your Angels.

The fastest way to heal from grief is to have healing conversations with departed loved ones. Awareness of the spirits and energy around you is a major step in taking control of your life. Ability to control spiritual influence on your life, karma, and subconscious thoughts brings you absolute energetic freedom.

Charles will guide you through the process of intuitively detecting when you are in the presence of a spirit or deceased loved one/family member. You will learn the little-known methods of “spirit release” a powerful and effective healing method for depression, anxiety, and other ailments through the process of releasing earthbound spirits.

Whether you want to learn about Mediumship for your own comfort and communication with departed loved ones, or you wish to help others, this class will help you increase your self-confidence and your psychic abilities.

At the end of the class each participant will receive Certification: ‘Certified Medium’

Topics Include:

- Increasing your clarity in hearing divine messages
- Discern departed loved ones in the aura of your client
- Discern familial relationship of departed loved one to client
- Receive specific details on departed loved one to verify your readings
- Methods of clearing, shielding, and healing yourself
- Automatic writing
- Boosting your confidence in your mediumistic skills

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Cost: Download -$200 (Now split into two payments)



Intensive Download Class

$100 Certification Payment

$100 Class Payment

$100 Class Payment

$100 Certification Payment