Introducing the Master Angel Certification Class, Fort Lauderdale!

*Spanish Translation provided

This class is the most intensive and complete in-person certification class Charles has ever created. This class is a complete combination of all three of the classes Charles has taught most regularly for the last 10 years!

Charles has been teaching three main classes around the world -

ACP (Angel Certification Program) which is the level one Angel Certification class designed to get you in touch with angels, get you familiar with spiritual and angelic energy and teach you hands-on how to connect with and clearly communicate with Angels. This class was designed from the ground up to show you just how powerful you are, and the class allows you to see proof of this power by giving you multiple opportunities to practice all you learn in class in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

The next step, level 2 if you will, from the ACP class is the AACP class (Advanced Angel Certification Program) and this continuation of the powerful lessons taught in ACP is designed to take your reading/healing career to the next level. This class teaches students how to do advanced readings (with and without cards) to help you to get even clearer and more specific messages for your clients (and for yourself!). This class focuses on business aspects of being a reader/healer/spiritual teacher and helps to clear up many of the sometimes confusing aspects of advertisement, ‘getting out there’ and getting your life aligned with your true purpose and calling.

Charles also teaches Angelic Mediumship This course is all about learning how safe and beautiful it is to communicate with lost loved-ones with the help and guidance of the Angels. This class is meant to help dispel the myths and fears normally associated with mediumship work and help the students realize how essential and healing it is to offer this type of reading to their clients. I strongly believe that few types of readings can bring the amount of relief, well being and peace than what clients regularly experience with Angelic Mediumship. This is a gentle and down to earth class meant to empower students to bring confirmable messages from those that have left their bodies. 

The Master Angel Certification Class

This is a complete combination of all of my other classes. This class teaches everything I have ever learned about spirituality, giving accurate readings, healing, starting your own spiritual business, manifestation and of course - finding and living your life purpose. This class is meant to leave the students with no questions left to ask about their place in the world and their reason for being in this life.

This empowering and enlightening class helps to show the students just how powerful they are - and the class is able to prove this power to them by giving them a chance to practice their intuitive skills during class and see beyond doubt that they are able to connect to the energy of heaven and receive accurate messages for their in-class partners. 

Each student in this class will receive 4 certifications!

-Certified ACP

-Certified Advanced ACP

-Certified Angelic Medium

-Master Angel Certification

Additionally, guest speaker Peroshini will teach you how to deepen your connection with nature and learn the magical Angelic Animal Communication modality.  In this powerful segment you will learn:

- Who your animal guides are

- How to do animal guide readings for yourself and your clients

- How to communicate with animals

- How to communicate with the plant kingdom

Peroshini will also be bringing to class an introduction to being a modern day light worker.  You will explore:

- The energetic differences between Ascended Masters, Angels and the Fairy kingdom and meet these powerful beings in guided meditations.

- How to use your gifts to make a tangible difference in the world

*This class will be taught in English with Spanish translation available. This will be a very intensive class and will be over 24 hours of total training in these three days.

When: August 11 - 13, 2017

Where:  Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek

555 W Cypress Creek Rd

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309


Class time will be 10am to 6pm each day and may sometimes go longer.

Check in time on august 11th will be 9:15 am. 

Class cost: $555 USD

Split payments available - pay half to save your spot, the other half will be due 2 weeks before the class starts.


Master Angel Certification Class

Complete Three-Day Certification Program

1st Payment $277.50

2nd Payment $277.50