Name: Franziska Siragusa

Location: Monterotondo (Rome), Italy



Certified Angel Practitioner (ACP Charles Virtue) and qualified Atlantis teacher with the Diana

Cooper School.  I offer Angel Readings and Angelic Healing. I connect with angels, fairies, dolphins,

unicorns and ascended masters.  It is my aim to empower others to heal themselves, to make

positive life changes and to help people prepare and move through the planetary shift of

consciousness that is taking place  t present.  I feel blessed to be here on Earth right now; and I am

grateful to all beings of light who guide and support me with my work.  My attitude to life is to

remain positive at all times, and my vision for Earth is one of love and peace.

Languages:  English, German and Italian.  I am located in Italy, however, my first language is English,

and I would love to hear from people from all over the world as well as from people in Italy



Canalizzazione Angelicale, sanazione Angelicale, sanazione con cristalli e quarzo. Canalizzazione di messaggi angelicali diretti al proposito di Vita, aiuto a seguire il proprio cammino e la minifestazione del  proposito di Vita.


Skype: enricotrav


Zona: tra Udine e Venezia




Vicenza – ITALIA

Tel. +39 347 9698003



Language: Italian and English

Roberto Fongaro is a Certified Angel Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and


He gives Angel Readings for every area of life. He also works with Ascended Masters and as a

Medium with departed loved ones and past life issues. His way to conduct a reading is very

inspirational and uplifting as he helps his clients to get in touch with the angels and other spiritual

guides during the session.

The angels can really help you in every area of your life!

Roberto Fongaro è un “Certified Angel Practitioner”, insegnante di Yoga Kundalini, Reiki Master e


Offre letture personalizzate con le carte degli angeli per qualsiasi area o ambito della vita. Lavora

anche con i Maestri Ascesi e come Medium canalizzando messaggi dai cari defunti e per questioni

che riguardano le vite precedenti.

Il suo modo di condurre una lettura è chiarificatore e confortante dal momento che aiuta i suoi

clienti a stabilire un personale contatto con gli angeli e le altre guide spirituali.