Name : Anthony JB Leung

Location : Hong Kong

Facebook : https:/www.facebook.com/grouchy521 (Grouchy Smurf - Astrólogo

Email : grouchysmurf0521@gmail.com

Tel/Whatsapp : 852-69993352 (Hong Kong)

Youtube (OKD media) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im09KExqEkQ&list=PLoAReHJ7NIHFTcqRu36XsVXy3gBaiVumt

Services:Certified Angelic Medium

Tarot Cards Reader & Astrologist

Angelic Energy Healing, Matrix Energetics Healing, Reiki Healing   Qigong Healing

Animal Communication


Past Life Regression Therapy

Host in OKD media, internet radio (Grouchy Smurf Time ”盧騷王

Shamanic Healing, crystals Healing


Name: Samantha Yu

Location: Hong Kong

Email: info@samslight.com

Web site: samslight.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samslightworkshop

Services: Animal Communication, Living Light Energy Sekhem, Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Akashic Records Reading, Voyager Tarot Reading, Certified Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner and Mediumship Readings. 

Courses and Workshops: Animal Communication, Living Light Energy Sekhem, Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Spiritual Mandala Painting, Pendulum Dowsing. 


Name: Candice Chan     

Location: Hong Kong

Email: wakaka.cc@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +852 5534 7713

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ember.moon.circle/

IG: ember.moon.circle 

Service: Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner

              Shamanic Practitioner

              Angel Card reading

              Tarot card reading



              Emotional Healing


Name: Marita Betts


email: EquilibriumHealingEnergies@gmail.com

or maritabetts@netvigator.com

Mobile Phone +852-94886447.

Hong Kong, Clear Water Bay

Services: I am a Reiki/Master Teacher, have done Sekhem (Sekhmet) Advanced Energy Healing, Isis

Lotus Energy Healing 1 + 2, (Egyptian Divinities), Isis Lotus Divination course, Secret Codes of

Magdalen, Mary & Isis, I have done Angle Miracles courses 1-4 (which includes Medium ship and

Voice Channeling) with Elisabeth Jensen of Australia (a certified practitioner of Doreen Virtue) who

is also the founder of Isis Mystery School in Australia Adelaide.I also have attended seminars like

"Connecting with your Spiritual Guides",  and 'The Light Within' by Jiro Go, Singapore, which

introduced me to the Arcturians, Pleiadians & Sirian Beings, which I now also work very closely with.

I also do Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing.

Apart from that I am a certified Colour Puncture Practitioner (Peter Mandel Institute, Germany), and

have international recognized Diplomas in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and

Certificates in manual Lymph drainage, Myofascial and Sacro Cranial Release Techniques I, II, III by

Kerry D'Ambrogio (previous head of the Upledger Institute, USA and now running his own clinic in

Florida and travelling the world teaching. He is also a Senior Instructor for Body Talk in the USA.) I

am currently preparing for the Body Talk Examination.

On the 22. July 2009, while initiating a client into Reiki I, I was initiated directly by Amun Ra (Egyptian

Creator God) also nowadays known as the Archangel Hamied. The power of the Energy was and is

enormous as you can see by the testimonies of that particular client.

My web site is 'a work in progress' and in dire need of an up-date. When I was given the message

by the Angles to also work with Animals, I finally created the web site but have since been treating

again more people than animals.


Name:              Emily Fung

Location:         Hong Kong

Phone:             +852 6331 5804

Email:              emily.fung@diva-international.com.hk

Address:          Unit 7, 26/F, Billion Trade Centre, 31 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Website:          http://www.diva-international.com.hk

Qualifications: Certified Angel Practitioner by Charles Virtue, Graduate Gemologist from GIA, Reiki



1.      Angel Card Readings with your choice of Angel Card Deck via Email or in person and a Chord

Cutting Session:

-          The Miracles of Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

-          Archangel Oracle Cards

-          Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards

-          Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards

-          Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards

-          Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

-          Saints and Angels Oracle Cards

2.      Creating your own jewellery to link with your angels – from choosing our angel designs or

creating your own angel design to choosing your own semi-precious stone that calls to you.  For

this service, please email and make appointment before visiting.


Name: Candy Tang

Location: Hong Kong

Email: krystal.reading@gmail.com

Services: ACP - Certified Angel Practitioner, Past Life Healer, Reiki

Master.  Email services include Angel Card Readings, Past Life

Readings (by cards) and Distance Reiki Healing.