Name : Anjana Sahney Thakker

Locations :

 Bangalore -

Dubai -

Archangel Life coach, ALC

Advanced Angel Card Practitioner -AACP

Certified Angel card reader CACR

Angel Therapy Practitioner - ATP

Reiki Master

Registered Bach Flower Practitioner - BFRP

Certified Angel Dream Interpreter.

Chakra Clearing

Energy Healing

I conduct workshops, have weekly chanting and meditation groups.

I work with people one on one, via Skype, FaceTime, email and also do distant healing.

Anjana's Resume of Healing & Counseling Work

I like to help people to feel good about themselves, and to live their lives to the fullest. When it comes right down to it, everyone’s job is to live life. Everyone’s job is about walking their unique path and accomplishing their life’s purpose.

There’s a lot of confusion between what a person does and who that person really is. We are taught that a person is what they do. When introducing themselves, adults don’t ask each other what their favourite colour is or if they like the smell of wet grass in the spring. Instead they ask, “what do you do?” and then make all kinds of quick judgments based on the answer to that one question.

We are also taught to define and value and make judgments about ourselves by what we do.But we are not what we do! We are a collection of our life experiences, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and ways of thinking. What we do is merely one tiny aspect of who we really are.Personal coaching, inviting and helping people to heal themselves, organising and conducting workshops, and facilitating meditation and chanting.