Tammy Geric

Country of residence: Unites States of America

Office location: Central New Jersey

Website: www.thepeacecenternj.com

Email: tammyg33@ymail.com

Services: Intuitive Angel readings and healings (in office and remote), reiki, crystal healing, spiritual classes, cranio sacral therapy, house blessings, spiritual alignment, reflexology.

Language: English


Alban Le Foll

Contact : albanlefoll@gmail.com 

Certified Angel Teacher, coach and GDV expert.


This is me, I am an Angel Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and a Reiki Master,  helping others in moments of trouble or confusion. I work with the Angels, Archangels and the Divine to pass messages of comfort and reassurance with love and light. I channel information to help others and reassure that all is well. I also do Reiki healing and distance healing. I am Certified in various modalities.

- I am Certified Spiritual Teacher by Charles Virtue.

- I am Certified Angel Practitioner by Charles Virtue.

- I am Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner by Charles Virtue.

- I am Certified Angel Intuitive by Doreen Virtue.

- I am Certified Angelic Medium by Charles Virtue.

- I am Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.

- I am Certified Flower Therapy Healer by Robert Reeves.

- I am Certified Angel Worker. ( Working and Talking with the Angels and Archangels).

- I am Certified Reiki Master Healer (Usui - Holy Fire)

Sorry no website yet, so at the moment any appointments to be made by e-mail - maria.a.gonzalez@talktalk.net


Name:  Jo Cruise  BA (Hons) & Certified Spiritual Teacher

Country of residence:  England

Website:  www.loveholisticangels.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoCruise777

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Holistic_Angels

Email: Jo@loveholisticangels.co.uk


As a certified spiritual teacher, mentor & reiki master , I am passionate about supporting & guiding you to explore your innate  spirituality, wisdom and divine soul path. I am committed to helping you discover & step into your amazing power. It is through spiritual empowerment that the soul can be free to continue it’s cycle here at this time, in a way that honours your divine purpose.

Services: Angelic Workshops, Spiritual Development Groups, both 1-1 Spiritual Mentoring & Group Work, Emailed Angel Card & Soul Purpose Readings. Services are available face to face and I am also able to work with individual’s world wide via  email. I very much look forward to connecting with you & guiding you towards spiritual empowerment & fulfilment - Angelic blessings, Jo.


Alexandra Dennis

Alexandra Dennis
New Thought Author & Spiritual Teacher Melbourne, Australia

-  Author
-  Certified Angel Intuitive (AI)
-  Certified Angel Practitioner (ACP)
-  Certified Spiritual Teacher
-  Angel Card Readings
-  Channelled Guidance

  1. - Angel Therapy

-  Energetic Healing
-  Automatic Writing Workshops
-  Flower / Colour Therapy
-  Angel Certification Program Teacher
-  Spiritual Coaching
-  Angel Classes & Events
-  Public Speaking
Contact Information:

Website: www.alexandradennis.com Email: cosmicspirit@optusnet.com.au Email: cosmicalexandra@gmail.com

Facebook: Alexandra Dennis - Author Page:


Facebook: Cosmic Spirit - Book Page:


COSMIC SPIRIT - The power that drives the software of humanity By Alexandra Dennis
(Balboa Press – A Division of Hay House)
ISBN 978-1-4525-3218-9 softcover

ISBN 978-1-4525-3219-6 hardcover

ISBN 978-1-4525-3227-1 e-book


Marie Delanote, London UK

Teaches how to heal anything through visualization/psychic surgery, intention and Ethereal Crystals.

website: www.mariedelanote.com

email: mariedelanote@hotmail.com


Name: Amanda Wood

Country of residence: Canada

Email: amandawood38@hotmail.com

- You can also find me on Facebook and YouTube.

Language: English

Services: Certified Spiritual Teacher, Angel and Faerie Communicator, Certified Angel Card Reader.


  1. -Get in touch through email or Facebook if you would like me to hold an angel or faerie class in your city or country. I also do email readings - further information for that can be found on my Facebook page. 


Anjana Sahney Thakker 

Bangalore, India and Dubai 

Email: shamballaindia@gmail.com 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anjanas-Shamballa-A-holistic-home

A certified Spiritual Teacher, I work a lot with the Angels. 

Angelic life coach, angel therapy practitioner.. 

Have done nearly all the certifications of Doreen and Charles Virtue :) 

Am also a Reiki Master and A Bach flower registered practitioner. 

Conduct workshops for 

- Angel card readings  

- chanting & meditation 

- space clearings 

- positivity and affirmations 

- Sufi whirling 

And more. 

A friend Always :) 


Shunanda Tsaccounis

Country of Residence- Australia (Sydney)



Email- shunanda@hotmail.com

Classes- Angel Training Workshops, Parenting with the Angels Workshops.

Services-Spiritual Development & Coaching, Angel Readings, Space clearing, Spirit Releasement, Mediumship. All one-on-one services can be conducted remotely, and Shunanda works with clients all over the world.

Language- English


Name: Bernhard Pfefferkorn

Location: Oslo, Norway

Email: 99martin44@gmail.com

Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Levmedenglerlivewithangels/1630367043842164?pnref=story

Website: http://www.levmedengler.info            

Languages: English, Norwegian, German

Qualifications: advanced certified angel practitioner and spiritual teacher, educated by Ch.Virtue


Name: Alyssa Cruise

Country of residence: England

Website: www.loveholisticangels.co.uk

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Holistic_Angels

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlyssaCruise1111

Email: lys@loveholisticangels.co.uk

Services: Certified spiritual teacher and Certified Angel Card reader™

As an indigo energy I am supporting those along their spiritual path by mentoring people who want to explore their spirituality.  Mentoring is done via face to face workshops & talks, emailed readings and Skype. My speciality is connecting people to their personal Gatekeepers.

For more information about any services I offer including Gatekeeper readings, you can contact me directly via email, or through my website contact form.

Language: English



Certified Teachers