Certified Manifestation Coaching

In this powerful audio class, Charles will teach you how to become a master at manifestation by exploring lessons and techniques based on his 12 years of experience teaching, practicing and helping other find and achieve their dreams. Manifestation isn’t difficult, as long as you are using the power within you to work for your dreams and not against them. In this transformative class Charles will guide you through the basic, intermediate and advanced methods of working with the world around you to find the purpose and fulfillment your heart desires.

We will learn and practice:

- Core lessons on manifestation and the energy involved

- Exploratory guided meditations designed to help you erase bad patterns

- Daily routines and methods of attracting your dreams faster

- Advice on what to do when we feel things are moving fast enough

- Working with specific and powerful Archangels

- Releasing and healing to reopen our hearts to blessings

  1. -Work on forgiveness regarding people or situations that may still be holding you back

This certification class will not only help you to make dramatic improvements on your path, but you will learn powerful methods for helping your clients/family/friends as well. Every aspect of manifestation will be covered in-depth and explained to you in a clear way, allowing you to immediately put these lessons/healing into action.

*This one-day audio class is taught in English with Spanish Translation*

When: Available now for immediate download

Tuition: $88 USD


Certified Manifestation Coaching

Complete One-Day Certification Audio Class