Certified Indigo Card Reader Class

- Video Certification Class

Whether you’re aware of it or not, our planet has an ever increasing number of divine souls who’s mission it is to bring about immediate change for the better. These blessed souls are known as the Indigo and they are here to stay.

The Certified Indigo Card Reader course will show you clearly how to identify and connect with the Indigo energy and vibration. This will allow you to tune into the purposeful frequency of Indigo soul energy to help you to receive and deliver your readings/counseling in a way that makes sense to and will be best received by your Indigo clients. This class will also help you to tap into your Indigo energy to learn to decipher your angry/upset thoughts from your true guidance to create positive change.

When properly understood and harnesses, nothing can match the power, determination and passion of an Indigo soul. Furthermore, nothing can bring an Indigo more peace than feeling such a sense of purpose. The Indigo are here for a collaborative and essential purpose to help the world to rise above fear by showing us that the biggest problems in the world are man-made, and easily remedied.

The Certified Indigo Card reader class taught by Charles Virtue will go through the cards in the Indigo Angel Oracle Card deck (co-written with his mother, Doreen Virtue) and explain in great detail the intended meaning as well as discuss some of the countless alternative interpretations that may come through in your readings. This class is designed to help you become intimately familiar with the Indigo energy so you can combine these skills into your own work.

In this complete certification course Charles will teach:

  1. -Working with Indigos for Life Purpose

  2. -Helping Indigos Properly Manifest

  3. -Healing Indigo Pain and Disappointment

  4. -Turning the Indigo Passion into World Changing Inspiration

  5. -How to Talk to Indigos so they will listen

  6. -How to Talk to non-Indigos about Indigos

  7. -and much, much more...

This fun, informative and powerful class will help you to be ready for the coming energy our world is facing and help you to stand firm in seeing the truth behind the fear in our world. Now more than ever the readers and healers of our planet are needed for the great task of helping others find their purpose, even when things may seem hopeless. Please join Charles for this unique and inspirational class.

If you can’t stand being lied to, and you tend to tell the truth even if you experience negative consequences . . . then you have Indigo qualities.  The power of Indigo means that you are a highly-sensitive person who carries the burden of knowing that you came to earth for a very important mission, even if you aren’t quite sure or confident about your purpose.

When: Available Immediately

Where: In the comfort of your own home!

Cost: $11


Certified Indigo Card Reader

At-Home Video Certification Class