Earth Name: Hellen Choraitis

Spiritual Name: Angelight

Location : Limassol, Cyprus

Mobile: +357 99 870021



I am a Spiritual Teacher &  Integrated Energy & Angel Healer/Teacher.

I specialise in teaching Angelight HealingTherapy which was channelled to me by

Archangel Raphael & Archangel Michael &  carryout associated Angel and Empowerment

workshops & courses in Cyprus and Europe.

I work hand in hand with the Angelic realm and the beautiful Goddess Aphrodite/Venus.

I have been featured in many magazines and have my own Mind Body & Spirit Pages

In our local magazine.


Certified Angel Practitioner ( Charles Virtue)

Certified Angel Healing Practitioner/Teacher (6 years)

Angelic Guidance  Reader. (6 years)

I am the Founder of Angelight Healing Therapy (2004) Channelled to me by Archangel Michael and

Arch Raphael

Angelic Reiki (2 years) & Usui  Reiki Master Teacher (of 10 years)

Pranic Healer – Quantum Touch Therapist – Shefa Healer (Soul School)

Certified therapist of Chakra Healing /Colour Therapy/Crystal Healing /Bach Flower Remedies


Motivated by The Angelic Realm, Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue & Tony Robbins.

Languages: English & Greek