4 Hour Video Class 

We have many different purposes on our life path, and living that purpose offers us not only the happiness and fulfillment we desire, but also the chance to help others move forward on their paths as well. This class, created and taught by Charles Virtue is designed to help you do just that; move forward past your blocks and immediately start working toward the life you know you deserve.

This class will teach you personal techniques used by real people around the world to get past whatever is holding you back. Whether you feel fear, or if you feel confused – even if you have no idea what your next step is, this class is for you.

We have to remember that life and purpose are a path, not an end goal – this class is designed to get you past the blocks by teaching you how to shift your energy and use powerful manifestations skills to immediately begin getting answers and guidance pertaining to your next step in this life. We will go through several exercises, clearings and meditations designed specifically to give you what you need to move forward.

Charles will teach you how he, as well as the many successful people he has worked with got started, and also share with you practical information to stay on your path once you get going. We are all here for a reason, and if you feel even slightly guided to help others, you have to know that the universe and the Angels will give you all of the support, abundance and happiness that you require to stay on your path.

Being a lightworker means you are using your time on this planet to better the lives of those around you – so you deserve to know your path, you deserve to live your path, and you deserve to have the great life that comes with doing so.

The time to start helping the world is now, so please join Charles for this powerful 4 hour online class and let’s leave all of the fear, blocks and excuses behind!

Price: $111


Spiritual Breakthrough Workshop