If you can’t stand being lied to, and you tend to tell the truth even if you experience negative consequences . . . then you have Indigo qualities.  The power of Indigo means that you are a highly-sensitive person who carries the burden of knowing that you came to earth for a very important mission, even if you aren’t quite sure or confident about your purpose.

During this 4 hour, downloadable tele-seminar, Charles Virtue (son of Doreen Virtue and co-author of the new “Indigo Angel Oracle Cards”) will explain your indigo purpose in great detail. Charles will teach you the essential ways to awaken your full indigo power, so you can better relate to the world. You’ll gain more self-respect and higher self-esteem as you learn to appreciate your unique gifts.

You’ll understand why you are the way that you, and learn to love your gifts and strengths.  In addition, Charles will help you to put your gifts into action, so you’ll be confident and motivated to make healthy life changes in your career, relationships, and self-care.  You already have this power within you, and you can easily put it into motion to help the world and be supported in your mission, as Charles will demonstrate to you.

Charles will also  share important information for parents of younger Indigo children. When it comes down to it, the Indigo are here for a reason that is bigger than any of the behavioral ‘problems’ so often associated with them. And while this is the truth, it is not always enough information to make parenting an Indigo, or even being Indigo any easier. Charles will give all who join this class ‘inside information’ about the way Indigo think and process the world around them.

Indigo are blessed souls of heaven, but with a uniquely collaborative life purpose to bring positive change to our world. Indigo are often ‘old souls’ who have waited for this divine time of human awakening and evolution to return here to earth. These evolved beings seem to almost hit the ground running, and have consistently shown

common characteristics of being very aware, sensitive and intuitive.

The Indigo are here for one major purpose; to open our eyes to the world around us so that we can realize the much needed and important changes that must be made. The Indigo spirit has always existed in mankind, but is more noticeable now that ever before in recorded human history.

At the end of the class, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion (via email) suitable for framing, signifying that you invested time to learn more about the Indigo power and purpose.

When: Available Immediately

Hours: 4 Hour Audio-Class Download

Where: In the comfort of your own home!

Cost: $22



Awakening Indigo Power

4 hour Downloadable Audio-Class