Healing With The Angels Online Certification Class with Charles Virtue


For the first time ever Charles is proud to bring you the Angel Healing Certification Class! The Angels are incredible companions in life, they help us with messages, guidance, signs and our physical/spiritual/mental health.

You don’t need any special gifts or prior experience to be an Angel energy healer - you just need the desire to help. Healing with the Angels is incredibly simple, yet powerful. So many of us have been tricked into using the amazing power of our own free will against ourselves by constantly sitting in worry and fear. This has real effects that even doctors recognize. When you decide to work with the Angels to begin the healing process for yourself or others you tap into a magical realm of help. Believe it or not, we are meant to suffer a lot less from ailments than we do. This class will teach you how to work with the higher energy of Heaven to eliminate negative cycles and reset the flow in your life and bring forth healing energy.

This class will contain all of the core elements of working with your Angels to bring healing energy into your life and the lives of your family, friends and clients. There are countless ways the energy inside and around us can impact our all around well-being and part of working with the Angels for healing is learning to identify and change the consistent sources of lower energy in your life. Even if this does not seem immediately possible - there are always options the Angels can guide us to see in order to enhance the energy of our daily lives.

This powerful class will consist of practical techniques for energetic healing that you will have the opportunity to begin practicing immediately with other students during the course.

In this informative class you will learn how to:

- Utilize powerful in-person and remote healing techniques

- Decide which Angels to work with for different healing scenarios

- Work with Archangel energy to identify and heal from lower energy

- Cut cords to present and past life issues

- Shield/protect yourself/others in different ways, depending on the situation

- Release any karmic causes for illness or injury

- Work with the Angels to reconnect with your whole and healed self

You will also have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught, with other participants in class.

Each participant of the class will be awarded the certificate of ‘Certified Angelic Healer’ upon completion of the course and the practice within. A few days after class you will be sent your certificate and a download link to access the class in video form. You can download and keep this video to rewatch indefinitely.

When: Coming Soon!

Time: 10am to 5pm PST

Where: Live Online (link to join included in welcome letter)


Contact:  CharlesVirtueEvents@yahoo.com

The legal stuff:

It is illegal for anyone without a medical degree to give medical advice to another person.

This class and the techniques within are not designed as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Please consult your doctor before making any changes to a prescribed medication or regimen.


Angel Healing Certification

Live Online Class with Charles Virtue